The Power of Masterminding by Mac Attram

Masterminding insituWould you like to discover how to apply the secret that great achievers such as Thomas Edison, Charles Wrigley and Bill Gates used to accomplish their success?

Key reasons that people do not achieve their goals are because they don’t stay focused on what they want and fail to collaborate effectively.

You can't achieve major goals all on your own. You need to use the minds and resources of other people. The idea of self-made millionaires is a myth. Every great achiever, whether knowingly or not, has used an approach called Masterminding® to get results.

Masterminding® is an advanced form of thinking and teamwork. It’s about plugging your brain into the minds of others and benefiting from their ideas, experience and abilities. It’s about a group of people working in harmony with each other to achieve individual or group objectives.

In this book you will learn:

- how to form and run your very own success team

- the Masterminding® mindset, skillset and process

- how to accomplish your goals quickly and without stress or struggle

- how to draw on your Masterminding® team for a continual flow of groundbreaking ideas, energy, inspiration, feedback, contacts and resources, confidence, encouragement, challenge and accountability

Masterminding® will revolutionise the way you work with other people and achieve results.

The Inspired Warrior's Code by Mac Attram

Inspired Warrior (1)

This is not another self-help book that makes ‘quick fix’ promises.

You will learn:

  • a powerful set of success principles and techniques
  • a proven, rich and powerful approach to living that will bring you all that you desire in life and more

Mac Attram is a former national martial arts champion. For him martial arts is not a sport but a ‘way of living’ aimed at achieving self-perfection through the union of mind, body and spirit.

As with martial arts, you will only understand The Inspired Warrior’s Code when you practice it. But when you do you will:

  • have the ability to create miracles in your life
  • possess the courageous mindset of a champion
  • be able to enjoy intense and absorbing relationships with all the people in your life.