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Procrastination Leads to Frustration

Amdin1 | On June 22, 2017

Want to change the world? Stop thinking about it, get up and take action.  Want to build a big business? Then do it.

One of our biggest problems is that we over-think things.  Procrastination leads to frustration – that is a fact.  It leads to frustration because it does not accomplish anything.  And then you get frustrated for two more reasons: 1. The thing you wanted to accomplish did not get done, and 2. You get frustrated because of the time that you wasted.

Some of the biggest entrepreneurs are action takers.  In fact, they often need someone with a business mind-set to reign them in a little.  Sure, it is good to think things through, but procrastination can never be a good thing.

We know many wealthy people.  Some materially, some spiritually, and some academically. All have similar traits: Wealthy people are not wasteful. Some of the wealthiest people we know are also the most frugal. They watch the penny’s which then become pounds, which becomes tens of thousands of pounds which then becomes millions.

Wealthy people are disciplined. They manage their minutes, which then become hours, which then become days.

Wealthy people are givers. Some of the most wealthy people that we know love to help people, and they use their resources (mainly time) and a portion of their finances to empower and help others. Conversely, they won’t necessarily hand out cash willy-nilly. It is better to teach someone to make millions, than to give them a million.

Wealthy people have big bookshelves. They read. They read a lot. They listen to audio books when they are driving. They expand their minds.

And finally, wealthy people don’t give up.  They do not procrastinate. They are action takers. They are determined and they will always find a solution to problems.

Take action now, and obliterate all procrastination from your life!

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Mac Attram
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